These 2 weeks consisted only of the presentation, each student had to go up in front of the class and give a presentation on what kind of Network Configuration they designed for the company Acme PLC and they had to calculate how much each piece of hardware will cost. There was no right or wrong answer only different methods.

Below contain’s each slide from my presentation:

We have an upcoming exam on the 22nd June which will cover infosec and various other things we covered in the week. we went through potential questions that could come up in the exam:

Question 1

You visited the Infosec Expo and attended a specialist seminar on behalf of  LSBU a university in a major city. The institute requested you write a report on your visit there. Summarise your main findings with special regard to these issues:

  • BYOD, BYOX or COPE which of these was trending the most at the event?
  • Enterprise apps – what are the major threats
  • The Internet of things – should the institute be worried?

    You should reference any seminars you attended or literature you acquired.

Question 2

The use of videoconferencing is a major trend in business communications. This question focuses on the value it adds to enterprise operations.

Question 3

Communicating data from a transmitter to a receiver is one of the major challenges of enterprise network management.

Question 4

Data transmission in network communications occurs at the physical layer through the use of electromagnetic waves.

Question 5

This question is concerned with data link control and multiplexing

Question 6

This question focuses on the operation of the Internet, the network that hosts the e-commerce and m-commerce of the enterprise.

probably not going to be a next time………..

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