There was no Lecture or Tutorial session this week so instead, we were instructed by Paul and Patrice to attend an special Security Exhibition which is held once a year called Infosecurity Europe (infosec for short). The main aim of sending us there was to gather information for an exam question related to the exhibition itself and the secondary aim for me personally was to research on potential employers to work with when i graduate from university.

Whilst i was at Infosec, myself accompanied by a small group of classmates (Valdo Carvalho, Abdual Hassan & Yordan) conducted informal interviews with the aim of finding potential answers to the exam questions set to us.

This was the exam question set to us (see below):

Exam Question 1 – what you must consider after the event

You visited the Infosec Expo and attended a specialist seminar on behalf of El SBU a university in a major city. The institute requested you write a report on your visit there. Summarise your main findings with special regard to these issues:

  • BYOD, BYOX or COPE which of these was trending the most at the event?
  • Enterprise apps – what are the major threats
  • The Internet of things – should the institute be worried?


Myself and my group spoke to 12 different companies making references to the exam question and they each gave there own unique interpretive answer. (Below are the names of the 12 companies that were interviewed and the recordings).


Absolute Computrace

Absolute Computrace allows organizations to persistently track and secure all of their endpoints within a single cloud-based console. Computers and ultra-portable devices such as netbooks, tablets, and smart phones can be remotely managed and secured to ensure—and most importantly prove—that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.


Cisco Security


Communication Security


iBoss Network Security

iboss Web security solutions deliver comprehensive protection 
across HTTP and SSL traffic and applications, securing all devices, including mobile, whether on- or off-network


Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. is an American manufacturer of networking equipment founded in 1996 by Pradeep Sindhu. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA. The company designs and sells high-performance Internet Protocolnetwork products and services. Juniper’s main products include T-seriesM-seriesE-seriesMX-series, and J-seriesfamilies of routersEX-series Ethernet switches and SRX-series security products. Junos, Juniper’s own network operating system, runs on most Juniper products.


Network Behavior


Professional Security System


Protect what matters



In a world where the internet, mobile and the cloud have become central to everything we do, the importance of IT security has become paramount. The need for a company to protect itself against the various cyber threats, both established and emerging, has never been greater.

ServerChoice have invested heavily in our security measures. This naturally includes our world-class infrastructure, but also extends to our staff. We have created a ‘Security First’ company culture that underpins everything we do. ServerChoice are ISO 27001 accredited and we were one of the first companies in the UK to achieve PCI DSS v3.0 Level 1 Service Provider status, meaning our data centres and cloud platforms are compliant to the highest level achievable.





Vormetric addresses industry compliance mandates and government regulations globally by securing data in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, through: Data Encryption, Key Management, Access Policies, Privileged User Control, and Security Intelligence.



Websense, Inc. is a global leader in protecting organizations from the latest cyberattacks and data theft. Websense® TRITON® comprehensive security solutions unify web security, email security, mobile security and data loss prevention (DLP) at the lowest total cost of ownership. Tens of thousands of enterprises rely on Websense TRITON security intelligence to stop advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks and evolving malware. Websense prevents data breaches, intellectual property theft and enforces security compliance and best practices. A global network of channel partners distributes scalable, unified appliance- and cloud-based Websense TRITON solutions.


on an informal note, here’s a few pictures and videos taken around infosec:


DSC_0110[1] DSC_0112[1] DSC_0113[1] DSC_0116[1] DSC_0128[1] DSC_0130[1] DSC_0131[1] DSC_0137[1]


Till next time……….






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