In this session, my primary objective was to work on the coursework using Cisco Packet Tracer.

Coursework Spec:

ITIM Weeks 9-13 tutorial instructions

This task is going to take up the rest of your tutorial time, Weeks 9, 10 and 12. InfoSec is week 11 (no tutorial) and Week 13 is presentation time. This work will feed into your presentation.

Your task is to design a new network for Acme PLC. They are starting with a three floor building, furniture, electricity and no IT infrastructure at all.

They are looking to you to come up with a solution :- Internet, wi-fi, printing, applications, network equipment, VOIP, cloud, etc. (use your imagination).

Ground floor

  • Reception area with receptionist.
  • CEO’s office, Chief accountant’s office, CIO’s office, Head of HR’s office, network equipment room.

First floor

  • Three offices with 6 desks in each.

Second floor

  • One office with 6 desks and one meeting/conference room where meetings and presentations take place.

You should keep a detailed budget as you work toward your draft network design. There is no ideal answer to this problem. Each student will have a different answer.


In my version which i will make into a presentation, I have created a Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor:



ground floor


The Ground Floor contains 5 PC’s belonging to the Receptionist, CEO, Head of Human Resources, CIO, and the Chief Accountant. They are all connected to the Ground Floor Switch which is also connected to the Printer. The Ground Floor also contains an Land-line phone and a WI-FI receiver which is also connected to the switch. The WI-FI receiver is installed on every floor so that external devices can connect to it (e.g. Tablet and PDA shown in the diagram). The switch is also linked to the router which is linked to the main ACME PLC server which also implements the intranet.



first floor

The First Floor contains 3 office with 6 desks in each so I created another switch and added 2 Printers instead of one due to the amount of PC’s and to slice the network traffic in half. i also too the liberty of adding a DCHP server so it can assign IP Address’s to any device connecting to the network. Also i added a WI-FI receiver on the floor so that external devices can connect to the network.



second  floor


The second floor has it’s own switch which is connecting 6 PC’s. This floor will contain an office with up to 6 PC’s and a separate office only for conference meetings. I added a printer to this floor as well and well as another additional WI-FI receiver. I decided to Install a home VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). The advantage to VoIP phone calls is that unlike regular long-distance calls, calls made through a VoIP phone service are free – there are no fees beyond the cost of your Internet access. To complement this i also added another IP Phone to act as a “Conference Phone” which can also be used.

I took the liberty of installing a Proxy Server. It is a server that sits between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server. It intercepts all requests to the real server to see if it can fulfill the requests itself. If not, it forwards the request to the real server. I decided to use this because since this a organisation, they are going to want to see what goes in and out of  there intranet, plus the organisation might want to prevent there employees from accessing specific websites.


I personally think it’s not bad for a first try, i tried to base my idea on an image of a topology I found on Google:



But the only thing I couldn’t really find was the firewall (you can imagine i wasn’t very happy with that). I will incorporate this into my Presentation when i present this to Paul in week 13. I actually enjoyed making this topology once i got the hang of it and I hope to use this in the future.



Till Next Time……………


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