WEEK 9 SESSION: Cisco Packet Tracer Coursework

Right now i am practicing for my coursework on how to use Cisco Packet Tracer:

ITIM Weeks 9-13 tutorial instructions

This task is going to take up the rest of your tutorial time, Weeks 9, 10 and 12. InfoSec is week 11 (no tutorial) and Week 13 is presentation time. This work will feed into your presentation.

Your task is to design a new network for Acme PLC. They are starting with a three floor building, furniture, electricity and no IT infrastructure at all.

They are looking to you to come up with a solution :- Internet, wi-fi, printing, applications, network equipment, VOIP, cloud, etc. (use your imagination).

Ground floor

Reception area with receptionist.
CEO’s office, Chief accountant’s office, CIO’s office, Head of HR’s office, network equipment room.
First floor

Three offices with 6 desks in each.
Second floor

One office with 6 desks and one meeting/conference room where meetings and presentations take place.
You should keep a detailed budget as you work toward your draft network design. There is no ideal answer to this problem. Each student will have a different answer.


more to come soon…………

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